Duben 2013

!!!!!3. A 4.KVĚTNA TADY NEJSEM!!!!!

27. dubna 2013 v 16:25 | Sabča Shannonová
Ahoj jen vás na to upozorňuju skoro týden dopředu, že 3.(pátek) a 4.(sobota)května tady NEBUDU...Je to z důvodů těch, že budu na narozeninách takže v tyto dny nebudu i obíhat jinak asi přednastavím a když by ne tak to vydržíte tak se mějte hezky ahoj Sabča Shannonová

INNA - J'Adore (Lyric Video)

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INNA - WOW (Official Video HD)

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Inna - Deja Vu

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Inna - Sun Is Up (Ultra Music)

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Smeared Sky by Matt Molloy

27. dubna 2013 v 14:30 | Sabča Shannonová |  Notes from the outernet-Jared
As the sun slowly but surely sets and clouds move along, each time Ontario, Canada-based photographer Matt Molloy points his camera up to capture the sky, he takes hundreds of pictures at a go.
His 'Smeared Sky' series is an experiment with time-lapse sequences, and is created by digitally stacking 100 to 200 photographs-to reveal that the blue yonder isn't always blue in his picturesque, painting-like photographs.
The "timestack" technique brings about brush stroke effects, caused by moving cloudscapes, to make it seem like the sky is smeared.
"Sometimes the clouds are moving quick and there's lots of them. If I stack too many photos from a timelapse like that, it can get a little messy," Molloy told Bored Panda.

Laser Forest by Marshmallow Laser Feast

27. dubna 2013 v 14:26 | Sabča Shannonová |  Notes from the outernet-Jared
Laser Forest is the lastest creation from a creative studio known as Marshmallow Laser Feast comprised of Memo Akten, Robin McNicholas, and Barney Steel who have focused almost exclusively on creating interactive experiences over the past two years. This latest installation involves a forest of 150 interactive rods installed in an empty factory space that when touched trigger both light and audio cues, effectively creating a large interactive instrument. Laser Forest was commission for the STRP Biennale in Eindhoven last month, and you can learn much more about at the Creators Project.

Street Artists Descend Upon Closed Parisian Nightclub

27. dubna 2013 v 14:20 | Sabča Shannonová |  Notes from the outernet-Jared
Built as a municipal bathhouse in the late 19th century, Les Bains-Douches would eventually become one of the hottest night clubs in Paris known simply as Les Bains, a destination for the likes of Kate Moss, Mick Jagger, Johnny Depp and even Andy Warhol. Due to some faulty construction in 2010 the building was declared a safety hazard and is now slated for complete renovation in just a few days to pave way for La Société des Bains, a new space that will open in 2014. In the meantime, owner Jean-Pierre Marois turned over the building to 50 street artists commissioned by Magda Danysz Gallery who have been working since January to turn the decaying building into an endless canvas of artwork.
While the entire space will unfortunately remain closed to the public, photographers Stephane Bisseuil and Jérôme Coton were allowed in to shoot many of the artworks in progress. Above is just a small selection, head over to Les Bains "One Day One Artist" page to see much more.

Beyonce & Shakira - Beautiful Liar

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Jared versus klobouk

17. dubna 2013 v 19:57 | Sabča Shannonová |  Jared Leto
Jared Leto

a zase Shannon jako kovboj

17. dubna 2013 v 19:55 | Sabča Shannonová

,,Co to?"

17. dubna 2013 v 19:54 | Sabča Shannonová |  Jared Leto

Nicki Minaj - Va Va Voom (Explicit)

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Jay u plakátu marsáků

17. dubna 2013 v 19:45 | Sabča Shannonová |  Jared Leto
Jared Leto

Jared na koncertě

17. dubna 2013 v 19:44 | Sabča Shannonová |  Jared Leto
Jared Leto

kluci a shannon jako kovboj-nepoznala bych

17. dubna 2013 v 19:44 | Sabča Shannonová
Jared Leto

ani bych ho tu nepoznala

17. dubna 2013 v 19:40 | Sabča Shannonová |  Jared Leto
Jared Leto

rozčepejřenej Jared

17. dubna 2013 v 19:38 | Sabča Shannonová |  Jared Leto
Jared Leto